About us

Foneart, officially known as London Cellular Accessories Limited commenced trade in June of 2000 from our Headquarters in Willesden Green North West London, to date we continue to trade successfully from the very same address . Our business model at inception entailed the importing and wholesaling of quality mobile phone accessories. With growth we introduced OEM accessories followed closely by prepay mobile phones and sim cards to further enhance our product portfolio. Currently foneart has over 2000 product lines on offer ranging from inexpensive quality accessories to top of the range mobile handsets from leading manufacturers.

Today foneart thrives on the distribution of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories and consumer electronics products to an extensive network of retailer, wholesalers and distributors both in the UK and in world markets.

Foneart is a well-established and dynamic company with eleven plus years of experience in the mobile telecommunications market. We have during the years built mutually beneficial long standing relationships with manufacturers and distributors spanning the globe, this is the corner stone of our success, and permits us to offer simultaneously market leading prices and new products at launch.

Foneart has evolved in all spheres of business from perfecting accounting and credit control systems, product and stock management systems, logistics and marketing functions - to aggressive purchasing strategies coupled with intimate product knowledge and proven sales techniques. We like to think "we have our finger on the pulse" when it comes to OEM mobile phone products their global supply, demand and respective market pricing, this coupled with our rapid and extremely efficient logistics team, our in depth understanding of exchange rates places us at the forefront to becoming a distributor of choice.

Our values are of honesty and integrity at all levels of business and transparency at all times.